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To ensure the shortest possible waiting time, we would recommend setting an appointment with us. Some procedures also require some preparations to be done prior the examination – please give us a call or leave a message through our online form and we’ll call you back so we can help you schedule your appointment.

Walk-ins are accepted for X-RayMammography and some Laboratory procedures.

To ensure that you do the most appropriate scan for your medical history, a doctor’s request should be presented prior your examination.

Pre-scan preparations vary according to the procedure to be done, and the region that is to be scanned. Please check with us when you schedule your appointment.

Yes, we accept financial aid from PCSO for all of our procedures including PET/CT. You may see a list of all our partners and a guide on how to process them in our partners page.

We strive to provide next day results for our radiology procedures. All radiology procedures are printed on laser imaging film as a standard and are read by a team of top doctors.

Results for general ultrasound procedures are released within the same day!