About Us

iScan Diagnostic Center is an outpatient diagnostic imaging center based in Quezon City, Philippines. Our center offers an extensive suite of medical diagnostic imaging services and is led by experienced physicians and staffed by well-trained and patient focused technologists. We offer exceptional quality in imaging services and expert clinical readings – both critical requirements in providing patient care and treatment.

Established in 2003, the center was setup to provide an affordable alternative for outpatient Computed Tomography scans. In March 2013, a new center with upgraded diagnostic imaging equipment was setup to improve and expand our services. The newly constructed facility now includes a 1.5T MRI, a Dual Detector Gamma Camera for Nuclear Medicine, a 16 Slice CT Scan, 2 Ultrasound machines for general, trans-V and 2D Echo ultrasound exams, as well as a Computed Radiography system for digital mammography and digital x-ray examinations. Few outpatient diagnostic centers in the Philippines have the distinction of providing such a full suite of advanced diagnostic imaging equipment. In fact, our nuclear medicine department is the first to provide outpatient based nuclear imaging in the Philippines.

This complete lineup of diagnostic imaging facilities allows iScan to provide a single and convenient location to serve outpatient imaging requirements. The new facility underscores the company’s commitment to provide high quality and compassionate health care services to more Filipino families.